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Outdoor Countertop Care

Hi folks! I'm Ryan Untermeyer. Co-owner and operator of NRTD. It looks and feels like summer has already arrived. If you're like me then you've already made your way outdoors. I'd like to take a second and talk about the importance of sealing your outdoor surfaces and repairing seamed joints and cracks. No matter what your surfaces are made of, they have a level of porosity. From marble to granite and quartz to porcelain there is some level of small or large pores that can be infiltrated by liquids and oils. Luckily there's a long lasting solution for issues caused by migration of liquids through your surfaces. Outdoor areas are the most susceptible to these issues and they're compounded by the Texas weather extremes. We use Drytreat sealers and they're the best in the industry by far for going deep into the pores ad creating a molecular bond to the pore wall that creates a hydrophobic barrier while allowing the material to breathe. We're accredited applicators of this high-tech product so you'll receive up to a 25 year proformance warranty. I'd also like to mention that seams on surfaces outdoors tend to fail because most epoxy can't stand up against UV exposure and freeze-thaw over time. We can repair those failures with a UV resistant adhesive that's color matched for your specific surface. Cracks are delt with in the same manner. So, lets bring those beautiful used surfaces back to life during these summer months and get some more use out of them with friends and family. Y'all be safe and have a fun summer!

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