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Rodding Failure (long crack in front of sink )

Rodding Failure (long crack in front of sink )

Have you noticed a lateral crack in front or behind your sink or cooktop? Chances are that theres more going on with your countertops than you're aware of.

The narrow sections of countertops at the cut-out for a sink or a cooktop are usually reinforced with rodding for safety and stability during transport and installation. Rodding is any rigid material laid into a cut on the underside of the countertop and epoxied over smooth.

Unfortunately, 10 - 20 years ago, Steele rodding was used instead of today's industry standard of fiberglass.

The oxidation of the the Iron caused by the introduction of moisture though water infiltration over the years (especially around sinks) causes corrosion and expansion within the stone. This process is most likely to occur in natural stone like granite and marble. These tell-tale lateral cracks are a good indicator that this is happening and they will only get bigger and cause more damage if the problem is not addressed.

By removing the rusted rodding, pulling the crack back together, color-matching the problem area to the stones color, and finally top-poliing the surface to match, we can restore your tops back to functional and improved appearance. This process is much cheaper than replacing your tops.

We also offer a drop in apron sink modification if you want to just cut the damaged area out.

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