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Seams Joints & Cracks: Services


Countertop joints or seams are typically  the points on countertops where two surfaces are joined together using some type of adhesive and (these days) suction based joiners. These points are usually due to length or original slab length maximums. There simply isn't enough material to fabricate one solid countertop in these situations. Another reason for a seam would be because the surrounding area or walls will not allow the installation of one solid piece without damage, breakage, or safety issues. Sometimes seams are just plain unavoidable. Here at BSS, we use the same high-performance machine and techniques that many professional installation outfits use except we use ours for repairs. We can join, level, and flatten warped seams. We also use this technology to pull some more extensive cracks back together. Stubborn failed and unsightly seams and cracks in your countertops don't stand a chance against these vacuum based joiners. They're just one of many tools we use to bring your tops back to life.We also use a wide range of adhesives to hold the project together. Whatever the application or stone material,  we have the answer when it comes to a strong hold that will last. Whether it's indoor, outdoor, marble, quartzite, granite, quartz, sintered stone, concrete, ceramic,or metal/wood to stone, chances are good that we have the right glue for the job. One of our goals is to be as non-intrusive as possible. Using low-no VOC and food contact approved products is an important criteria for what we choose to use in your home. We also pride ourselves in the more artistic side of color-matching the adhesive to closely match the shade of your tops for the most inconspicuous repairs possible. 

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