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First off, lets dispatch with the myths and misinformation that engineered stone (ES) surfaces like quartz do not need to be sealed. This simply isn't true. The closest thing we have in the industry to a true non-porous ultra-compact surface (UCS) is ceramic based products like porcelain, and dekton. Even the manufacturers of these resin based engineered stone products claim that they will not stain or scratch. If you've worked with it as long as we have then you know that this is misleading to homeowners everywhere. They're porous and therefore need to be sealed just like every type of natural stone out there. The sealing provides a barrier against water and oil based liquids.  The product we use to seal your tops is a dense stone impregnating sealer. It uses a special penetrating molecule technology. These molecules are hundreds of times smaller than other stone sealers and penetrate much deeper into the pore structure. These special sealing molecules bond permanently by chemical reactions inside the pore. This creates a deep oil and water-repellent barrier that not only provides awesome surface stain protection but, also protects against effervescence, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling, and picture framing in more extreme cases. These sealers will not change the color or finish of your countertops and will still allow them to breathe. These sealers also work great on tile and grout surfaces. Its even used on pool areas and pavers. This product is used worldwide in over 40 countries to seal and protect virtually everything from countertops to iconic structures. We happen to be accredited applicators of the DRYTREAT products we use and there's one for every type of stone surface. If you use us to seal your tops, you'll receive a written 5-25 year warranty from DRYTREAT.

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