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At some point, countertops in high-traffic areas will be involved in a mishap. Depending on the material, surfaces can scratch, dull, fade, stain, develope watermarks, etch, and the list goes on. Bluebonnet Stone Solutions has the solution to these problems and many more so please, keep us in mind.


Honing a surface consists of step polishing a surface up to 250 grit and sometimes a 400 grit. Stone slabs are usually polished on a conveyer by hundreds of polishing heads by an automated machine before they're shipped to a fabrication shop to be cut into countertops. In the case of marble and other calcite based natural stone, we have the ability to make a honed (matte) finish into a high gloss finish and visa versa. Using a powerful 1.5 hp compact polishing machine, we can  hone and re-hone, polish and re-polish your marble, travertine, onyx, or crema marfil surfaces. The 13" surface plate on this machine ensures an even polish every time. With a switch of the pad and the help of some traditional Italian marble polish, we can bring your faded marble countertops back and even better than the factory polish in some cases.

Resurfacing Honing & Polishing: Services
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